Patrick Imbardelli- A Man With Immense Talent & Skill

One of the most challenging and demanding industries in the world today is the hotel and hospitality field. This is one area where you need to keep customers and guests happy so that they feel at home away from home. Here, people looking after guests and customers have to be trained in the highest levels of customer care and support to ensure that they are comfortable and at ease.

Patrick Imbardelli is an individual who has gone the extra mile to make his guests and customers feel good and at home whenever they stay at The Pan Pacific Hotels. This chain of luxury hotels is one of the best in the world today. Thanks to the efforts of Patrick Imbardelli, it has won a number of awards and has set benchmark standards for other hotels to follow. During his role as the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Pan Pacific Hotels Group, Patrick has brought in a large number of positive changes to it.

Thanks to his sincere efforts, the PPHG chain has grown extensively. Patrick is known for his defined visions and urge for training his staff to deliver the best customer service experience to the guests possible.

Today the PPHG chain of hotels has its unique presence in 12 locations of the world. The Group has been considered to be one of the best hotel chains in the world. Patrick Imbardelli has worked very hard to expand the corporate operations of this hotel chain across the globe. He has been instrumental in implementing amazing marketing campaigns and business plans that have worked positively for the development of the company.

Patrick is known for his zeal and enthusiasm. He firmly believes in the concept of relationship building and its importance in the hotel and hospitality industry. With this basic ingredient, the hotel and hospitality industry will not be able to grow and develop at all. It is very important for all the staff and employees to maintain a warm and cordial relationship that will reflect in their attitude and approach to all associated with the hotel. This is where PPHG stands out from the rest of the hotel chains across the globe. Thanks to his patronage and efforts, PPHG has effectively established a strong relationship bond with its owners, investors and staff.

When it comes to Patrick Imbardelli as a person, he is more than just a successful professional in the hotel and hospitality management sector. He is a person deeply into charity and causes. He believes every human being should give back to community and be compassionate in the surge of harshness and cruelty. He works hard towards helping underprivileged children and make the world a better place for them to grow up with without struggle and despair. He has also been awarded for his contribution to charity and causes for the improvement of mankind. He is a successful and caring human being. 

Patrick Imbardelli holds dual citizenship of two nations- Italy and Australia. He is happily married and has two children.

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