Tech That Keeps You Moving

Technology’s negative influence on our health has been caused by bad habits rooted in poor posture and a harmful lack of movement and exercise. Office workers famously hunch over bright screens and type at warp speeds in a way that’s damaging to wrists and fingers and can lead to irreparable joint damage. Traditionally in-office exercise comes in the form of short coffee, water and cigarette breaks.

These days, tech companies are working hard to change how you work out (couch potatoes, your days are numbered!). New tech is designed to keep us on our feet. Fitness apps help us keep those New Year’s promises and wearable tech is specially designed to track our movement and measures our heart rate. The gaming industry is also sending a message to the unfit outfit. Gaming consoles now come with movement detection and a wide selection of games designed to keep people active.

Here is an overview of the tech that can keep you moving. Stand up and read on.


Fancy a bacon butty? Not if the apps on your phone have anything to say about it. Some apps are kicking our behinds into shape. A noteworthy app in the exercise department, Gym-Pact will make you think twice about skipping the gym. Here’s how it works. Go to the gym, and check in when on arrival. If one day you decide you feel too lazy, the only thing that will slim down is your wallet. When you sign up for Gym-Pact you register your bank details. Any day you don’t check in and the app takes your money and gives it to users who did go.


The only way having a wristband helped you work out in the past was if you were the type who loved tying a bunch of colourful friendship strings around your wrist, as it probably meant you also loved playing Hacky Sack. Fitness wristbands started a trend and now smartwatches and other wearables have followed suit. See stats on how much you walk, how much you’ve exercised, heart rate and even how much you move around in your sleep. If you suffer from a heart condition, some smartbands can even notify a doctor or loved one in case of an emergency.


The Wii was the first. Every Wii came standard with Nintendo’s own sports game, and to this day those are very funny to play and will be sure to give you a good workout.Since then PlayStation and Xbox have developed motion-sensor consoles, and the range of games that encourage exercise has matured to the point that you can now learn to dance or do yoga.

The internet is full of resources on getting and staying fit. YouTube has a plethora of channels that can show you how to develop daily workout routines, or how to become a martial artist. You’ll need an exercise partner, with online collaboration software finding someone is easier than ever. OK, you can sit down and have at that bacon butty now, you’ve surely earned it.

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