That’s The Way How Do Singaporean Companies Want To Be Targeted?

So you’ve started a business in Singapore, or opened up another branch of your company in this thriving Asian business hub. You have sorted out the company registration thanks to your prestigious virtual offices (for more on virtual offices follow this link – in the heart of the CBD and are now ready to go out and seek new business. Setting up your business in the heart of Singapore’s business district means you are in good company. Considering the high cost of setting up a new lease and organising furniture, you’ll find that a virtual office is a great way to get all the benefits of an inner-city lease without the overheads.

So now that you’re all set up, how do you make sure that you are reaching out to your Singaporean business contacts in the right way? You need to ensure that you do things the right way – and that you adhere to what works. In this short article we’re going to run through some of the key ways that it’s appropriate to reach out to new customers in the Singapore space.

Exhibitions and conferences

You will find that exhibitions and networks are a great way to reach out to new business prospects. After you have established yourself, attending exhibitions and conferences is a great way for your business to keep up with brand awareness in the marketplace.


It’s a great way to reach out and continue a conversation after you have made contact. Get in touch with people to introduce your company and to outline your specific products or services that someone might be interested in.

You need to have a website for your business which is easy to understand and navigate. You want to make sure that your website works as a great sales tool.

Online social media

You’ll find that business networking sites like LinkedIn can be great for networking before and after an event, while sites like blogs are awesome tools if you are looking to promote your products or to provide thought leadership.


A meeting is a key part of developing your relationship with your new business ally. A workplace meeting should be used to move a working relationship forward, and deals will almost always be closed off in a face-to-face meeting.

Phone calls

As a means of getting in touch with people, phone calls are great when you’re looking to get in touch with the right person to move on contact with, either in person or via email. You should avoid trying to sell or negotiate deals over the phone though; this kind of networking should be done in a face to face manner. You can obviously use phone calls a means to stay in touch between meetings and as an informal means of communications.


Direct mail can be a great way to spark interest, with Singaporean customers responsive to direct mail – more so than most Westerners.


You need to be attending the right kind of relevant networking events to keep up business relationships and to develop potential connections. You need to make sure that you have a convenient supply of business cards to hand as well when you set out to network.

A successful marketing campaign ensures that you target a wide audience and work to meet their needs in a particular way. You want to make sure that you have the core needs of your target market at heart and that you are working to meet a unique need. This way you will be more assured of success.

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