Tips For Moving House With Pallets

You’ve just received word that the job is yours and you’ll be off to Germany in six weeks’ time. If you’re at that awkward in-between stage, over the of age 24 and under 30, you likely have at least a few pieces of furniture or some appliances that you’d like to keep with you rather than buy new.When planning a move from the UK to Europe, consider the possibilities of pallet delivery.

You can certainly use this time as your excuse to join the decluttering movement, but even so, most of us have those items that make us feel at home. Look around your current home and identify those things that “spark joy” as the KonMari method recommends. If you know that you’ll be living in your new city for more than a year, it would definitely be worth having those things with you; some well-chosen artwork, furniture, and personal effects will help you feel settled more quickly than just a few suitcases full of clothing and shoes.

Even if you don’t want to ship furniture, sendingmultiple boxes by post will quickly add up and lugging all the boxes yourself is a hassle. A small move can be easily and affordably accomplished with one or two pallets, and depending on the service you choose, you don’t need to do any complicated customs paperwork. Some services provide pallets and some require you to obtain them yourself depending on the nature of your shipment. A few tips and a little advance planning can help your process go smoothly and your goods arrive safely.

If you’re sending artwork, pack it separately and use boxes specifically designed for it. A pallet might go through as many as six vehicle changes during its journey, so prepare accordingly.

Before ordering pallets, figure out the dimension of the items you want to ship as a block. Box everything that you can, weighing along the way, and measure the total so that you know exactly what sizes of pallet you need and what the total weight is going to be.For the security of your goods, you don’t want anything to overhang the edges, and there will be a weight limit you’ll have to meet, usually about 1,000 kilos. The standard pallet size is 1 by 1.2 meters.

Before packing, educate yourself on what you can send by freight and what you can’t. You will need to provide a comprehensive list of what you’re sending, and you don’t want to be surprised.

After you’ve carefully packed everything, be sure to have on hand plenty of ratchet straps—easy to find at the DIY store—or shrink wrap. The items on your pallet need to be extremely secured. Remember the truck changes!

When your shipment arrives, it will feel like your birthday as you unpack and decorate, making yourself truly at home.

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