Want To Know About The Borderless Payments And Corporate Credit Cards In Hong Kong

At present, most of the people would like to have a borderless payment account and it is a virtual multi-currency account. This type of account allows an account holder to keep more than forty countries but the biggest benefit is that the users can convert them at the actual exchange rate whenever you are in need and whatever the currency you require. This translates into very low or no fees and everything are transparent at all. 

What is borderless payment?

Those who have borderless account can have borderless payments using any country currency according to your requirements. It is absolutely a unique and wonderful range of direct international debit payment solution. By this way, you can able to send and receive the local and international payments. There are no bank transfer fees, no wire, and no credit card fees with this option. There are lot of online borderless payment service providers available currently on the internet. 

From among them, you can pick the trustworthy option which is not actually a bank. They just work with your bank in order to pay anyone else without hassle, wire fees or sharing any sensitive banking details. They are just the web based bank payment processor bringing you both local and international direct payments within a few seconds. When you use this kind of smart subscriptions for borderless payment, you can reduce payment processing feeds by up to 90 percentages. 

About corporate credit card in Hong Kong:

  • Just like the personal credit cards, there is also corporate credit card Hong Kong available for the regular use. 
  • The corporate credit card holders can earn rewards, points, and also miles for every eligible transaction.
  • Different corporate credit cards offer different options and features to get points and rewards you prefer.
  • Some of them also offer cash rebate for actually the eligible transactions. 
  • Corporate credit cards are generally given to the business travellers just similar to the host of licences that include complimentary airport transfer and complimentary lounge access. 
  • Some cards give you double complimentary lounge access according to the credit points of the card holders.
  • The holders of elite corporate cards from any top rated credit card provider can able to enjoy 20 % saving on dining along with the different types of special offers and discounts when you are in abroad. 

Some of the corporate card issuers also provide travel insurance benefits to the card holders without any extra charges. It probably offers coverage for trip cancellation or flight delay. If you get corporate credit card from the top rated issuers, they give free on-flight personal accident travel insurance if a card member buys the flight tickets with that corporate credit card.  

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