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How To Get Your Home Ready For A Quick Sale

If you are considering selling your home and want to ensure a super speedy sale, then we have some handy hints and tips for you. Your local estate agents Chelmsford branch will then be able to advise you on the logistics and professional advice, to ensure that you find the perfect buyers for your property. This could see you being ready to move in a timeframe that suits your busy lifestyle and any specific requirements.

Find A Good Estate Agent

Finding a good estate agent is an excellent first place to start. It is often advisable to meet with a variety of different estate agents in your area to weigh up which is the best fit for you. At your initial meeting, you will be able to ask the estate agent questions regarding their fees, past sales and any marketing strategies for selling homes. This should give you a good idea of how they work and whether you get on well with them. Ideally, an excellent estate agent will have fast and efficient communication skills and a bursting portfolio of successful recent sales.

Tidy And Declutter

Tidying and decluttering are always essential when getting your home ready to list. Your estate agent will want to arrange a visit to the property where they will take high-resolution photography of all indoor and outdoor spaces. The better you can make your home look before these shoots take place, the more impressive your photographs will be. Remember, these are the first things that potential buyers will see when they decide whether they would like an in-person viewing.

Remove any private details – when photography takes place, don’t leave any important documents or private family photos on display. These will be viewed by many people and your security should be a high priority.

Remove any sign of pets – your pets may be your beloved furry friends, but not everyone feels the same way regarding animals in the home. Allergy sufferers may also be viewing your property. Removing any obvious signs of pets being allowed onto the furniture and checking that no damage has been caused to the garden by your pets is a good first move.

Showcase good storage options – this is especially essential in smaller properties which may appear to lack space. Creating storage opportunities and hiding away anything that doesn’t need to be on display is a great way to keep things clean and clear around the home.

Outside Spaces

Keeping outdoor spaces clean and tidy can also be a dealbreaker when it comes to selling your home. Offer potential buyers the ability to see your garden in its full glory. This can be easily achieved with good tidying and declutter decluttering. Staging dedicated areas for alfresco dining, or even just a space for a small bistro set could help buyers visualise how to best utilise each area.

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