Incident Highlights Importance Of Effective Dangerous Goods Packaging

Firms all around the world are involved in the movement of goods and all of them want the process to run smoothly. However, for certain organisations, this is particularly important. For example, companies involved in the transport of dangerous goods must be especially careful. Any accidents can cause potentially significant harm to people, property and the environment.

Meanwhile, if organisations are discovered to have failed to invest in suitable packaging, whether this is plastic drums, open top drums or anything else, they can face long and costly legal proceedings, and they risk damaging their reputations.

An incident that occurred in Canada recently put transport safety firmly in the spotlight. A train carrying crude oil and liquefied petroleum gas derailed near to Edmonton, Alberta. It caused an explosion and fire and emergency crews had to be called to battle the flames and to prevent the burning cars from triggering more explosions. Luckily, no one was injured. The authorities revealed that 13 rail cars had come off the tracks. Nine of these cars were carrying liquefied petroleum gas, while the other four carried crude oil.

The crude oil carriages remained intact and they were kept away from the fires with no indications of any leaks. This may in part have been thanks to the packaging used to transport the oil.

Residents from Gainford, Alberta were evacuated from their homes as a result of the incident. The community has a population of just over 100 people.

At the time of the accident, Parkland County spokesman Carson Mills said: “We have cars on fire right now and there was an explosion earlier this morning. The major priority right now for our guys out in the field is containing these fires.”

Reuters noted that this was the third Canadian National Railway derailment over recent weeks and the news provider suggested this may “fan opposition to the crude-by-rail boom taking place in Canada as the country’s oil producers seek alternatives to congested pipelines”.

It added that rail safety has been in the headlines in the country since an accident that occurred in July in Lac-Megantic, Quebec. A runaway train containing crude oil derailed and exploded in the centre of town, killing 47 people. Inspectors looking into the case concluded that the oil being carried was more explosive than the labelling suggested.

As well as sourcing the right dangerous goods packaging, firms involved in the transport of such materials must ensure this packaging is suitably labelled. This can affect the way in which the goods are handled when they are in transit.

These days, companies can access all the packaging they require, including jerrycans, with ease over the web. The process of ordering online is quick and simple. Meanwhile, firms can get any labelling they require over the internet too.

Taking risks when it comes to packaging and labelling is not worth it. The consequences of any accidents can be disastrous and organisations may find they face legal action as a result. This can be costly and it can damage their reputations.

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