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How To Know If You Need Professional Legal Support

Running a business means keeping multiple plates spinning at all times. Not only do you need to focus on building the brand, establishing a good customer base, and nurturing your employees – you also need to focus on the legal side of running a business. That is, making sure that all contracts and documents are comprehensive, that employees are supported and looked after, and that you have processes in place to protect all parties in light of a dispute.

It can be easy to relegate employment law and contracts to an HR team. But with so many things to focus on, and with employment law such a broad area of focus for modern businesses, an increasing number of businesses are turning to London employment lawyers and outsourced teams for ongoing support.

In this blog, we’re looking at the benefits of working with a dedicated employment lawyer and how to identify your needs.

The Benefits of Instructing an Employment Lawyer

Before we dive into the signs that you might need an employment lawyer or legal team to join as an extension of your business, what exactly are the benefits of considering an outsourced legal team?

The main bulk of benefits come in the breadth of support that employment lawyers can offer.

Teams across London are able to deliver training, tribunal representation, ad hoc support, contract sign off, negotiation advice, and more under both a retainer and an as-needed basis. This means that you can access support as and when you need it, without committing to extortionate costs and limiting contracts.

Filling the Gaps in Your Business

Talent mapping is a process through which businesses of all sizes can assess the skills and qualities of their team and determine opportunities for progression as well as gaps within the business.

If you are planning a restructure or want to move team members into new roles through promotion and increasing responsibilities, this presents a good opportunity to identify the gaps in knowledge as well as skill set.

An employment lawyer can offer two benefits here:

They can help you to identify a process of talent mapping which supports all employees and is fair to all parties
They can fill gaps themselves, ensuring that your business and reputation is protected throughout a restructure

Do You Need Ad Hoc Support or an Annual Retainer?

Do, with employment lawyers covering so many bases across businesses of all shapes and sizes, it’s time to consider the two different ways of accessing their support.

Are you someone who needs ad hoc support, or would your business benefit from an annual retainer?

Most businesses opt for the latter, as it gives them unlimited access to legal advice and support over the course of a full year. And with employment lawyers able to advise and support across so many areas of the business, this certainly offers good, long-lasting value.

For more advice and to understand the costs of both services, get in touch with your local law firm.

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