Important Training Lessons for New Telemarketer

You might have heard how veteran telemarketers chant the fact that every call is an important call. Nothing is more beneficial than communicating with customers. Speaking to customers on a regular basis increases the chance of betterment. Telemarketers have always earned a new technique to deal with customers on their own way. But, every old and new agents operating in a telemarketing industry must be firmly trained with a few important lessons.

Pause when confused

Many linguists state that when a human being is confused or does not know what to reply, then they produce certain types of sound. We produce sounds like “umm” or “hmmm” unconsciously when we are in a state of dilemma. Producing these sounds helps our brain to grasp the thought process and catch up on the next phrase uttered.
However, telemarketers producing such sounds might create a negative impact on customer. To avoid such sounds, experts of outbound call centers must be trained to pause for a few seconds. First of all, this practice will remove the disturbing production of sound, and second of all, when you say your next sentence, the importance of the sentence will elevate. This will make any telemarketer sound more important and poised.

Be friendly

One of the key points to remember for making a sale is to keep things friendly. Telemarketers often hesitate to ask for a sale. Don’t be bothered about it; the whole point of being friendly is that you can ask the customer-turned-friend for a sale.
Being friendly helps you caste a good impression on your prospects, and they would love to interact with you whenever you promote your offerings through outbound calls. On the flipside, if you tend to be too professional while communicating with prospects and target customers, then there is a high probability that your target customers would start giving silly excuses to avoid any sort of telephonic conversations. Therefore, agents of expert outbound call centers must try to be friendly with customers while interacting with them telephonically.

Start with an open question

An open question will unveil the need of a customer. Start your conversation with a strong open question instead of a yes/no question. For instance, ‘What are your strategies for future savings?’ Listen to what your customer has to say, ponder upon it, and take note on the tone. An experienced and trained telemarketer will always have a few open questions to start a conversation.
It is so true that if your conversation with customers does not start on a good note or with an open question, then it will make your prospects uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to start every conversation on a polite note, through an open question.


Just like open questions are used to start a conversation, trial-closes could be used at any point during the time of interaction. It is basically used to stay on track with the customer and see how attentively the customer is listening to you. Some effective trail closes a telemarketer can use are what do you think, or maybe how about giving it a try and so on.
Additionally, you must also follow-up with your customers whenever they disconnect your call on a good note. It is so obvious that if a customer is talking to you politely and ending the conversations in a calm manner, then he/she is interested in your offerings. Therefore, following up with prospects should always be a top priority for all the marketing professionals of outbound call centers.

Command when required

Calling your client in an office phone number might turn out to be a disappointment because the call first reaches the receptionist or PA. We know how tough it is to overleap their negative response. Never ever request. As a professional telemarketer do not ask, ‘May! I talk to Mr. XYZ!’ you will always end up with a ‘no’. Receptionist are trained to say ‘no’. Instead change the phrase to a statement or command ‘I’m looking forward to talk to Mr. XYZ, please transfer the call to him, thank you.’ Maintain an authoritarian voice and decrease your disappointing calls.

Telemarketing industry does not have loopholes for success. Adjusting social terms in order to make a sale is what telemarketers are trained for. Once a wise man said, ‘practice makes a man perfect.’ Exercise these point on your calls and you will certainly reach your dream target.

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