Paper Cups: Biodegradable, Recyclable, Cost Effective Products

The concept of biodegradable e-commerce products are highly demanded by the customers as they are disposable, safe and clean. The paper cups are widely used in offices, airlines, restaurants, hospitals, clubs, railways, parties, festivals, occasions etc. Due to long years of experiences, they have attained expertise in their work and make wonderful and safe products which are hygienically safe. The paper cups are quick and easy to use as well as they cost- effective too.  The customers also feel totally stress free as it is very easy to order these products online and get the products delivery timely and there is no chaos in the arrangement of any type of function. Thus these products are highly demanded and used everywhere.

The base of paper cup is known as “cupboard” and has a barrier coating for waterproofing. The paper cups are made from non- recycled materials (virgin) to meet the hygiene requirements.  The waterproofing processes involved in the paper cup by dropping the little amount of clay in the bottom of cup and then allow it to spin at very high speed so that clay could reach up to the walls of cup thus making it water- resistant.  But now due to the invention of polyethylene (PE), the clay- coated cups have been disappeared. These types of cups are used for the hot drinks. While the cups used for the cold drinks, in these cups there is spraying of wax both inside and outside the cup. There are various varieties of paper cups which are as follows:

Types of Cups:

  • Single Wall Cups

They are single layered cups; therefore the name is single wall cups. They are white in color and are disposable. It is used for different purposes like beverages such as hot drinks, cold drinks, soups etc. High quality materials are used for manufacturing it. It is packed in boxes having 1000 cups in it.Different sizes of cups are available and customers can order online also as per their requirements. The different sizes of cups are as follows:

# 520 ml Paper Cups

# 455 ml Paper Cups

used for Hot Drinks or Cold Drinks

# 340 ml Paper Cups used for Cold Drinks

# 225 ml Paper Cups

#210 ml Paper Cups

# 192 ml Paper Cups

# 100 ml Paper Cups

  • Double wall cups

The double wall cups are double layered and thus it reduces or minimizes the heat transfer from the contents of cup to the hand, thus it is safe for hands that it does not get heated. They are packed in the boxes of 500. Three sizes of cups are available in it as follows:

# 455 ml Double Wall Cups

# 340 ml Double Wall Cups

# 225 Double Wall Cups

  • Vending Cups

The vending cups are designed to work in various types of vending machines. They are packed in boxes of 1000. They are of three types:

# 192 ml Squat Vending Cup

# 255 ml Tall Vending Cup

# 340 ml Paper Cup

  • Ripple Paper Cups

The outer walls of these cups are rippled and designed in such a way that it insulates the hot contents from the person holding the cup. Its stylish design gives two benefits which is good insulation and strong & large cup.     They are packed in the boxes of 500.

There are countless benefits of these cups as they are biodegradable, recyclable, disposable, and cost effective and can be used in various parties, occasions, offices, clubs, airlines, railways etc. Therefore they are highly demanded due to its easy availability and cost effectiveness.

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