Do You Employ Professional Cleaners For Your Store?

If you’ve ever walked into a store that’s covered in a layer of dust, you know how off-putting that can be. It is an axiom in business and the world at large that you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. So ask yourself: when a customer walks into your business what do they see? Do they see a clean, bright, orderly store ready to be shopped? Or, do they see a disorderly, dirty shop that is unpleasant to visit?  

Recent research from the United States has indicated that a majority of customers would prefer not to go to a store that they perceive to be dirty. Also, the same study has indicated that only about 15% of customers would continue going to a dirty store, most of them saying that they would do so only if it was absolutely necessary.

Set Yourself Apart

In the 21st century, there is more competition for customers than probably ever before. In the past, if you were selling sporting equipment, you had to compete with the other people selling equipment in your area. If you were the only store in your area, you had a monopoly on business. Your store could slack off and be dirty and disorganised then.

However, in the 21st century when there are more businesses than ever before, you simply cannot do that. A customer who doesn’t like your store can just as easily order equipment from elsewhere. That person can order equipment from Canberra, Canada, or California. There are no limits on location anymore. Now you have to compete with businesses all over the world.

One way to succeed in that competition is to make sure your store is as clean as it possibly can be. That often requires professionals. Professional retail cleaning services offer you the chance to make your store incredibly clean without distracting your employees from their other responsibilities.

What About the Price?

Paying someone to come in and clean your store might seem like a waste of money. It’s the kind of thing that most people would cut when they were trying to tighten up a budget. However, that seems self-defeating. If you don’t pay professional cleaners, you have to get your employees to do the cleaning which is going to take them away from their actual jobs of serving the customers. Even as you’re paying them to clean you’re also losing productive work hours. How much is that going to cost you? When you give your employees extra side work, you may be paying them to clean but they’re not as likely to do as good a job as professionals might. Realistically, this means you’re paying for subpar cleaning. Why not just start out by paying for high-quality professional cleaning?

You shouldn’t hire just anybody though. You need to make sure you hire quality cleaners who have worked with some great clients in the past, that will provide a quality service.

When you think about the amount of money you pay your employees to clean and the amount of money you might be losing from dissatisfied customers, you may find that you will actually save money by hiring professionals. For a lot of businesses it just makes sense.

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