How To Create Content That Rocks

Writing content that rocks is not as easy as it seems. Sure it’s easy to write, but does the content you create increase website traffic, sales and the website ranking in Google searches? If your answer is no, then you should take a look at the following tips, which will help you stay on target and offer amazing landing page copywriting services.

  1. What are the questions your audience asks?

If you want to create great content you just need to know what your audience wants. Your audience’s questions depend specifically on your target market and business. Try to get to know what your customers want by creating personas or looking into your analytics. Business buyers usually have common issues in the industry that they are trying to solve and consumers have interests in common that drive them to your business.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are my customers?
  • What are they looking for online?
  • What do they like on social media?
  • What prompts them to make an online purchase?

Start from here and see where the answers to these questions take you. This is the content that will come up in the results pages, get shared on social media and maybe turn visits into purchases.

  1. Use the language your audience uses

No one will use a dictionary to try to understand what you are writing. So try to avoid buzzwords and jargon, and stick to the phrases and words your customers use. See what words they use when they talk about your industry and use them in your titles, subtitles, first paragraph and conclusion. Use them in a natural way and don’t change them for euphemism or synonyms.

  1. Give your audience something they can use immediately

Content marketing can be seen as a trade. You are asking your audience to pay attention to your brand, in exchange for content. This means that you have to give valuable content and not sales oriented. Always write with your reader in mind and ask yourself ‘so what?’. What will they get from spending the time reading your articles or blog posts?

  1. Make it easy to read

People don’t have time to read 1,000-word articles. Sometimes they do not even read shorter ones. They skim them to see if there is something there that interests them. That is why a good headline, bullet points, subheadings or a good first paragraph will make them keep reading or leave the page.

  1. Leave room for conversation

You want readers to get involved, to ask questions, to give you feedback or their opinion on your content. Don’t be the last word on the topic. They can also leave suggestions on what they want to read next or what other information they would have loved to see in a specific article.

This way you will have topics on what to write next and your readers will not feel left out. Knowing that your opinion counts is really important for anyone of us.

Try out these tips and you will have killer content before you know it. Always keep your reader in mind, think from his/her perspective, and you will have all you need for perfect articles.

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