What Is Cleaning Liability Insurance And Why Might My Business Need It?

Trips, slips, spills and drips are all words that necessitate the presence of cleaning liability insurance for cleaning businesses. If a client slips or trips on something related to your cleaning, or a chemical spill ruins an expensive piece of machinery, there are likely to be big costs involved. Anyone working in the janitorial and cleaning industry knows that accidents can happen, and sometimes you are going to be held accountable. If you find yourself at the end of a very expensive compensation claim, you’ll be glad to have cleaning liability insurance.

A large, prosperous sector in modern society

There are more than a million commercial cleaners in the UK, meaning there are a lot of people who could make one of these costly mistakes. Salaries in the industry typically range from £20,000 – £30,000, so it’s important to have insurance in place to protect your income. Smaller companies are particularly vulnerable to the devastating impact of a big compensation claim – without insurance, and without a large fund to draw from, a hefty liability claim could destroy a smaller business. That’s not to say larger businesses won’t be devastated by a liability claim if they have no insurance in place. It’s very difficult to predict where and when a mistake might be made, and even the most careful employees are not completely immune to errors.

How does cleaning liability insurance protect my business?

With cleaning liability insurance in place, you will be able to pay for expert legal defence in the event that something goes wrong without having to bankrupt your company in the process. And when liability claims are made, they can be extremely costly, so it is crucial to have an insurance policy in place that can cover those costs if and when they come. A good policy will cover these areas, meaning you won’t have to pay exorbitant fees out of pocket that you really can’t afford.

Further to this, you will find that many potential clients will insist that you prove you have cleaning liability insurance in place before they take you on. Clients what to know that there is sufficient cover in place before they contract you to clean their premises. If they aren’t satisfied that you have protection in place, then they will feel that they don’t have protection in place either, and if a claim has to be made, they will need to know that there isn’t going to be a complex, lengthy process to attain the necessary compensation. The only way to guarantee this is to have cleaning liability insurance.

Demonstrating that your business has cleaning liability insurance in place makes you appear professional to prospective clients. No serious business conducts itself without liability insurance, and your clients know this. If you want to be taken seriously in the cleaning industry, you need to take out a quality cleaning liability insurance policy. And, of course, actually having cover in place will protect you from taking devastating financial hits when accidents happen – and make no mistake, they do!

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