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Why Have Mini Kitchens Become So Popular?

Mini kitchens have become increasingly common over the years. This is largely to do with living spaces being significantly smaller than in the past. One study suggests that the kitchen has shrunk by as much as one-third since the 1960s. Mini kitchens can be integrated into spaces of all sizes to provide you with the key appliances you need to prepare and cook a range of meals. Keep reading to discover what has led to the rise in the popularity of compact kitchens.

Shrinking Living Spaces

With the average size of a new-build one-bed home in the UK now just 46 square metres, it’s no surprise that people are having to deal with more compact kitchens. Mini kitchens are a fantastic solution for small homes, offering a range of appliances and storage solutions yet taking up a minimal amount of space. The smallest Elfin kitchens measure just 900mm across, making them ideal for integrating into rooms of all sizes.

Ideal For Offices

As the need for dedicated kitchen facilities in the workplace becomes clearer, more businesses are investing in mini kitchens. These compact kitchens can be incorporated into even the smallest office spaces, providing staff with the means to prepare snacks, meals and drinks to keep them fuelled throughout the working day. Having a mini kitchen installed in your workplace means that your team can prepare healthy meals themselves rather than relying on convenience or junk foods to give them the energy they need.

Well-Suited To The Leisure Sector

Mini kitchens are becoming particularly common in the leisure sector too. As hotel and bed and breakfast owners have become more aware of guests’ desire to enjoy meals without leaving their accommodations, they are increasingly choosing to install them in rooms. Their compact size means they are suitable for bedrooms of all sizes. Providing cooking facilities isn’t just very convenient for guests but it also means they’re likely to choose your accommodation for longer stays, which is more profitable for you. If you’re a leisure provider looking to rent out rooms to guests, it’s worth considering the benefits of investing in mini kitchens.

Stylish And Durable

Mini kitchens from Elfin are modern and stylish, making them capable of enhancing your space considerably. Constructed from stainless steel, they are sleek with clean lines, adding a contemporary edge to your kitchen. As well as looking fantastic, our compact kitchens are also incredibly durable, which means they stay looking and performing their best throughout the years. Not only is stainless steel resistant to rust, water damage and wear and tear but it can also withstand corrosion and heat. This makes it a fantastic surface choice for kitchens.

To find out more about our range of compact kitchens, get in touch today. You can reach our friendly team by calling on 01206 545700 or by sending us a message via the website. We’re on hand to provide you with further information about our stylish and durable mini kitchens.

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